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"When the tide goes out, you can see who's naked".~Warren Buffet

Companies hire us when...

They see an opportunity for growth in their workforce structure. 


Now is the perfect time for you, the employer to seize this a window of opportunity to restructure your organization with minimal fallout/pushback. 

  • You have too many employees given the market contraction

  • Too much dead weight after nearly a decade of a talent war; need to acquire better talent that's now available in the market.

  • The crisis-response has exposed any shortcomings that had been papered-over during the bull market of the last 10 years.

  • You have an opportunity to now RIGHT-SIZE your organization. Employees need to be trimmed, how do you trim, assign the right tasks to the right team member and still remain at 100% productivity?


  • Sales & marketing now need more virtual delivery focus for many companies. Video is the best tool to engage your customers.

  • Your sales/marketing teams need video presentation coaching to create videos that close.

Services Provided

Just-In-Time Team Redesign for Optimal Performance

  • Using the power of brain science gain an understanding of each individuals strengths on your team. 

  • Leverage team strengths for 100% performance and productivity

  • Align team communication & collaboration.

Just-In-Time Hiring Process Redesign for Optimal Candidate

  • Streamline onboarding process to put the right people in the right seats.

Optimal Team Dynamics for Thriving in a Market Downturn

  • Collaboration & communication after a re-organization or downsizing


Alicia Couri is a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant & Media Personality. As a Kolbe professional she has worked with companies to redesign, reorganize and  teams and boost team synergy performance and productivity. 

As a professional in media and video, Alicia has effectively coached speakers for live presentations and for on-camera video presentations to be calm, confident, clear and charismatic so their messages land powerfully and convert.

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