There is a popular phrase, “you’re trying to fit a square peg into a round hole”. Ever heard of it?

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Shelley Plumb of Plumbtalk TV and we discussed this concept. Funny enough, I didn’t realize I would soon experience firsthand what that...

We are all born with certain striving instincts that are there to help us accomplish our goals with grace and ease in our zone of genius. When we work against those natural instincts we find ourselves stressed out and usually making decisions that lead to regret. This...

An irrational fear of mine had always been disappointing someone with my work. The way that manifested for me was that I would rather work my butt off for free than charge for my services. When writing my first and second book I would tell myself, ‘There is no way anyo...

How do you define leadership, and what level of confidence does it take in order to excel as a leader? Alicia Couri interviews Ron Harvey an ICF leadership and high performance coach.

How is your POSTURE? Personal Branding expert Alicia Couri shares tips for building confidence on her radio show "Unleash Your Audacious Confidence". I believe good posture comes from having a strong CORE and Confidence is the first part of having a strong CORE. In the...

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