Do you use your instincts in business?

We are all born with certain striving instincts that are there to help us accomplish our goals with grace and ease in our zone of genius. When we work against those natural instincts we find ourselves stressed out and usually making decisions that lead to regret. This goes beyond just a gut feeling but has been scientifically proven as fact. We are all wired with a very specific way we take action for the best results.

Recently I was doing makeup for a client who is also a friend and as we talked about our respective businesses and our goals we started talking about trusting our instincts. She said to me that she wished she could really know how to trust her instincts more when it comes to making business decisions. I was right there with her in that desire. I had spent so much of my life going against my own instincts based on the advice of others that I didn’t develop trust in them and spent a lot of my life regretting many of the decisions I made. I tried to compartmentalize my instincts to only personal decisions but even then I didn’t always trust them. I developed a deeper trust in my reasoning abilities than my own natural way of doing things.

What I didn’t realize was by doing so I created unnecessary stress for myself because there was a way I was created to naturally achieve great things and not trusting in that created struggle to achieve my goals. There are many formulas and ways of doing things out there that we all try to follow to find that magic bullet for success, but if the formula works against your own internal wiring, you will only find frustration and all the joy of achieving will be sucked out of any goal you accomplish.

As I research and study more about our natural instincts I am both fascinated and encouraged. We can absolutely learn to use and trust our instincts more in life and business to achieve greater things without stress and find absolute joy and fulfillment in the process.

So what does this have to do with building a personal brand you might wonder, well in my opinion learning how you are naturally wired to operate can only help you build a stronger brand that is based on authenticity and the freedom to be yourself, and that is the best way to build you brand.

If you desire to learn more about these natural striving instincts go to and contact me so we can have a conversation about it and develop a strategy for you to learn how to use your instincts to achieve great things!